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Application of easy control in monitoring and detection system of Metro and light rail PSD

1 Introduction

in 2010, 33 cities in China were planning to build urban rail transit for shock absorption, of which 28 were approved and 25 were officially approved. According to the existing plan, China will build 480 km of urban rail transit this year, and its total mileage will reach 6100 km in 2020. Various data show that China has formed a rail transit construction market with the largest scale and the fastest development speed in the world

screen door is an important equipment in urban rail transit. It is used in subway platform to separate the platform from the train operation area, and its automatic opening is controlled by the control system. Its performance and quality are of great significance to ensure the safety of urban rail transit. As an upper monitoring software, inspec has been applied in several subway platforms in Beijing. It can effectively monitor and detect the PSD of subway and light rail, comprehensively monitor the status of PSD and diagnose the fault in time, effectively ensuring the performance, safety and reliability of PSD, and playing a demonstration and reference role for similar applications in urban rail transit

2. System introduction

this system is applied to light rail and subway platforms to monitor and detect PSD. It mainly completes two functions: (1) real time monitoring the operation of PSD in light rail and subway stations; (2) Carry out parameter performance detection and fault diagnosis for all PSD

the system has high requirements for safety, reliability and data acquisition

the hardware used is a professional gating machine and involves repeated high-speed acquisition of a large amount of data, so the data is communicated with the computer through the high-speed acquisition board, and the communication adopts the serial port mode. Among them, inspec has customized high-speed drivers for customers

3. The software application

easy to control (inspec) monitoring system can effectively monitor the uplink and downlink two-way PSD in the subway station at the same time, including the opening and closing status, PSL status, IBP shape minimum size shall not be greater than, mm status, locking status, closing status, fault status and other data

inspec light rail and Metro PSD monitoring system not only includes common functions such as safe login, alarm function, real-time curve, historical trend curve, but also provides users with program download, fault download, data export and other functions according to industry characteristics

program download and fault download functions can easily set the detection process and detection parameters of door control machine equipment

4. Special function of the system

easy to control (inspec) light rail and subway PSD monitoring system can easily detect the parameter performance and fault diagnosis of the screen bentler Sigri company, which replaced the typical epoxy resin matrix screen door at that time. By collecting and analyzing a large number of data in the process of opening and closing the PSD, we can comprehensively test the performance and quality safety of the PSD in all aspects

special requirements of the system

this system uses bode door control machine equipment to measure the subway PSD. The PSD switching speed is 5 seconds to 8 seconds, that is, within 5 seconds to 8 seconds, it is necessary to perform centralized control door opening command, centralized control door closing command, operation permission signal, manual conversion signal, emergency unlocking signal, isolation lock signal, emergency door use signal, locking switch, door panel switch, service command, shielded door lock, PSD opening The buzzer and other 24 channel signal states are collected repeatedly at high speed, and the performance and safety parameters of the measured PSD are analyzed through the data state. Because there are many measured parameters and the acquisition speed is very fast, there are high requirements for the data acquisition ability of the system. Because the amount of parameter data that needs to be judged is too large to be judged manually, special functions are needed to make it easy for the tester to judge


1) high speed drive

easy control customized a special high-speed drive for the Beijing bode door control machine equipment of the system, with a communication speed of more than 100ms, stable and reliable data transmission, which can complete the repeated and accurate acquisition of a large number of parameters in a limited time, fully meeting the requirements of the system for data acquisition

2) simulation module

easy to control, through its unique c# user program function, the simulation module is added to the system. This unique simulation function can playback a large amount of data collected by the system at the speed specified by the inspector, so as to successfully solve the problem that the inspector needs to detect a large number of parameter states in a very short time

detection (2) when the electromechanical temperature rises, the personnel click "start detection" to carry out the normal test, the screen door acts, various signals are refreshed in real time through high-speed acquisition, and then click "end test" to save the test data. Then, by adjusting the simulation speed, the data can be played back at the specified speed, which makes the detection easy and convenient

5. Conclusion

the easy to control (inspec) Metro and light rail PSD monitoring and detection system has stable operation, friendly interface, easy to learn and use, and meets the special requirements of high-speed data acquisition and analysis of the system. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of convenient operation and simple maintenance, and its reliability, efficiency and safety are highly praised by users

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