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The use of sensor monitoring bridge system is the first in China

collect various data during the operation of the bridge through sensors, and evaluate the health status of the bridge structure in real time. Recently, a set of sensor monitoring bridge system SCM and industry insiders face-to-face communication system was officially applied in Jiangsu, creating a precedent for domestic bridge monitoring

on the outside of a ramp under Jiangyin Chengnan overpass, a sensor used to collect bridge data packed in an iron box was seen. Through the connection of data lines, the sensors are arranged in some places that are prone to deformation and damage, such as the protruding part of the bridge body, the side of the bridge body and the lower part of the bridge body, which can monitor the displacement, acceleration, elastic deformation and other data of the bridge in real time. If there is any loss on the bridge, it can feel the pulse through the sensor and release the disease. As long as the staff turns on the computer, they can know where and which part is wrong, and then apply the right medicine. At present, more than 30 sensors have been installed on the main roads and ramps of Jiangyin Chengnan overpass. It is expected that after all the sensors are installed, about 1000 sensors will be distributed throughout the overpass, and the changes in the use of the bridge will be clear at a glance under the perception of the sensors

according to Bayer materials technology, an on-site technology exchange meeting will also be held to cover the technical transformation and filling in the leveling problems of different owners. It is understood that the technology of sensor monitoring for bridge maintenance has been developed by Fujitsu and NTT in Japan to help realize digital management of bridge maintenance due to poor market competition. In order to better apply this technology to domestic bridges, Nanjing Fujitsu NANDA Software Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangyin branch has introduced and improved this technology. Based on the successful operation of Chengnan overpass, it is planned to promote its application on all major bridges in Jiangyin in the future

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