The application of the hottest UV printing ink on

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Application of UV printing ink on thin films (V)

3. Control of photon decomposition - in addition to adding LJJ · TM method, whether to advocate or improve a new ink making method without photoinitiator, so that it can be widely used

4. Hue positioning of UV ink - can China formulate unified quality standards for UV ink colorants, especially purity indicators. If the problem of tone deterioration can be solved and printing manufacturers adopt fully automatic color matching system instruments, the standard samples can be achieved and the production cycle can be shortened

5. The high cost of UV ink. Can the high price be reduced from the formula and process to the price of general offset ink? At the same time, it can be improved from the aspects of hydrogen bond, tension, free energy, etc., to improve the adhesion fastness, simplify the process and reduce ozone odor, so as to reduce environmental pollution and improve the printing grade. The motor rotor can reduce the weight by 40% and the manufacturing cost can also be reduced

6. How to increase the non-polar material of non absorbable UV offset printing from the current 5-8 thousand prints/h to 30000 prints/h, while making the graphics and texts not dissolved by solvents, the cost of PS version of aluminum metal, and the replacement of it with new thinner and more efficient polymers become a reality

7. How to easily remove the UV ink printing ink film, which is convenient for recycling, regeneration and reuse

8. The mechanical problem of printing color sequence one is how to control the color sequence freely like other inks, which is not irritating to the skin, and reduce the number of plates, ink guides, and ink transfer rollers

introduction to the development of friction and wear testing machine the advent of non-polar UV offset printing ink with reasonable non suction structure, compactness, convenient maintenance and disassembly requires our colleagues in the packaging and printing industry to establish a sense of crisis of national brands, focus on inheritance in development, innovation in inheritance, and work together in the spirit of seizing the day. A bright spring will not be far away

table I list of resin binder and dye coloring formula process name 123 name 4 name 5 name 6

Wuhan resin 50.2 46.26 52.8 polyester acrylate 22 O polyester acrylate 48.85 tree ester 7o.o

stannous oxide 0.1 0.07 0.1 polyurethane acrylate 22.0 stannous chloride 0.94 crosslinker o.o1

vinyl acetate 16.5 8.7 17.26 epoxy acrylate 5 O vinyl acetate 16.05 photosensitizer 0

methacrylic acid 0.8 10.0 O.85 auxiliary 12 O methacrylic acid, but when we tested the resin alone, we found 0.80 plasticizer 0 0

styrene 3.3 1.5 3.46 styrene 2 O styrene 3.23 tm-27 1.0 -

dibutyl 2.7 3.8 2.86 dibutyl 5.0 dibutyl 2.63 -

benzoin 1.4 4 4.44 8 O benzoin 10.0 benzoin 1o O - -

TM-3 3. O 0.23 --- LJJ · TM 4.0 --

colorant 22 O 25. O 15. O colorant 18 O colorant 16 O colorant 20.0

remarks: Formula 2 is Xi'an resin/Formula 3 is commercially available 191 resin/formula 6 is commercially available 6 is commercially available 196 resin. (end)

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