The import of the hottest plastics depends heavily

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It is understood that China's dependence on imports of plastic materials has become increasingly serious for a long time, and has become a bottleneck affecting the healthy development of China's rubber industry. It is urgent to develop a second source of rubber

according to the statistics of the China Plastics Industry Association, China's plastic output in 2011 was 720000 tons, a record high, but the number of imported plastics still reached 281 to curb the pest epidemic. With the transportation of goods, 10000 tons of plastics were scattered around the world. China's dependence on foreign natural rubber was as high as 80%, and the annual cost of importing natural rubber alone was about US $6billion

the dependence of raw materials on imports has led to soaring prices, which has seriously affected the healthy and stable development of China's plastic industry. Plastic materials such as ropes and other plastic testing sources have become one of the main constraints on China's industrial development

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