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Crude oil import rights are expected to be further liberalized to private oil enterprises

the "new 36 rules" issued by the State Council clearly encourage the existence of these problems, so that China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, encourage private capital to participate in oil and gas construction, and give a specific division of work. In the view of the industry, this is the xinadvanced chemical material number that China's oil and gas sector further liberalizes to private enterprises, but what the latter most expects is still the right to import crude oil. Recently, it was learned from private oil sources that relevant departments have been considering relaxing crude oil import controls to encourage private oil enterprises to make full use of foreign oil sources to participate in domestic reserves

"there will be results as soon as the second half of the year, and this is consistent with the practice of bringing private oil depots into commercial reserves." The above-mentioned person told this newspaper that although the "new 36 articles" support private capital to participate in the construction of oil and gas storage and transportation, it is unrealistic to talk about private capital's participation in oil reserves if crude oil imports are not liberalized

not long ago, six domestic private enterprises were allowed to participate in the strategic oil reserves for the first time, which immediately triggered a strong call for the liberalization of oil import rights. At that time, the oil circulation industry association suggested that idle private enterprise oil depots should be used for oil commercial reserves, and private enterprises should reserve oil free of charge in exchange for import rights

according to the above-mentioned person, at present, private oil related industry organizations are forming a workable report with many changes in people's lives, which is intended to be reported upward. Once approved, it will truly open the door to crude oil import for China's private oil enterprises. "More importantly, the state-owned oil giant has also given us considerable support this time."

in addition, it is also reported that the Ministry of industry and information technology is working with relevant departments to study and revise the new standards for the access of the petrochemical industry, and the Ministry of Commerce will issue crude oil import licenses to more than 10 private oil companies

"it is meaningless to restrict crude oil imports. China is already short of oil, and allowing private oil companies to participate in imports will help maintain oil security." The person said

as a representative of Shandong local oil refining enterprises (local refineries), shaozhongyi, chairman of Shandong Chenxi group, has been suffering from the lack of oil sources. He told this newspaper that due to the influence of the policy, private petrochemical enterprises received very few national crude oil quotas. With a total processing capacity of nearly 60million tons/year, Shandong local refining Co., Ltd. received only 1.79 million tons of import quotas a year

"since crude oil is in short supply, why not import it? We hope that the government will allow private petrochemical enterprises to import crude oil independently. On the premise that large state-owned oil enterprises are dominant, this will not affect the national energy strategic security, but also promote the development of the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, which is conducive to growth, employment, development, and benefit the country and the people." Shaozhongyi said

in response to the view that liberalizing the right to import crude oil will lead to chaos in the crude oil market similar to the import of iron ore, Fu Bingrong, the representative of domestic fuel oil wholesale retailers, chairman of Shanghai pengdun marine fuel company, said that this fear was unnecessary

"unlike iron ore, which is monopolized by the three ore oligarchs, the international crude oil market is extremely open and transparent, and they are all fair transactions. As long as the price is reasonable, you can buy a large number of them, and there is no saying that it will affect the price. What's more, relying on these quantities imported by Chinese private oil enterprises is simply not enough to affect the trend of international crude oil prices." Fu Bingrong said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News

shaozhongyi said that if he was afraid that liberalizing the import of crude oil by private oil enterprises would affect the order of international crude oil supply, he could consider unified coordination and procurement by industry organizations

it is reported that China's current crude oil imports are divided into state-owned trade and non-state-owned trade. Among them, five state-owned oil enterprises such as PetroChina and SINOPEC are engaged in state-owned trade import. Since joining the WTO in 2003, there has been no restriction on this part of imports

according to the WTO commitments, China has issued non-state-owned trade quotas for crude oil and refined oil since 2002, and the quota must be increased by 15% annually until the government control is lifted. At present, there are 22 enterprises with non-state trade crude oil import qualifications, but two thirds of them have state-owned backgrounds

not only that, imported crude oil in non-state trade can only be processed by refineries of the two groups, and cannot be supplied to local refineries or circulation. This is also the core and key of non-state trade crude oil import management

in 2010, China's Non-state trade crude oil import quota was 25.3 million tons, accounting for only 13% of the total import in 2009. At the same time, the operating rate of most ground refineries is insufficient, and the equipment is seriously idle

previously, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce has repeatedly called for easing the import and use restrictions of crude oil, allowing some crude oil imported through non-state trade to circulate freely in the market, and allowing local refining enterprises that comply with the national industrial policy to import crude oil for their own use

it is worth noting that there are public reports that Zhenhua oil holding company, a subsidiary of China North Industries Group, has been approved to have the real right to import crude oil, which will pave the way for the further liberalization of crude oil import rights in the future

however, some experts told this newspaper that although some private enterprises received quotas, they never used them, which cast a shadow on the relaxation of crude oil import controls by the central government

according to the Ministry of Commerce, at present, the Ministry of commerce is adding and allocating import quotas to old enterprises and newly qualified enterprises; Cement trial mold structure: enterprises that have obtained quotas for two consecutive years but have not carried out import business, consisting of clapboard, end plate, base, fastening device and positioning pin, will automatically lose their import qualification

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