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The import of plastic machinery has harmed the interests of local manufacturers in India. Ahmedabad has developed into an important hub for the import and export of plastic machinery in India, but machines imported from Southeast Asian countries have begun to damage the local machinery industry. The delay in the payment of export goods has led to the shelving of the working capital of small and medium-sized enterprises

there are more than 100 factories manufacturing injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines around Ahmedabad, with a total annual turnover of about 12 billion rupees

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"the overall market growth rate has declined by about 20%, plus the delay in the payment of export goods, which will be a test for some small and medium-sized enterprises." Said N K balgi, chairman of miracron India, a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines and blow molding machines

atulkanuga, vice president of the Indian Plastics Institute, claimed that a large number of mechanical equipment were imported from abroad, most of which came from Taiwan, China and Malaysia. He said, "the injection molding machine is imported from Southeast Asian countries, which hurts the interests of the domestic friction and wear testing machine industry and local manufacturers." In India, the compression test pressure plate has a diameter of 1 Φ The overall turnover of the plastic machinery industry is about rs. 600billion per year. The import volume of new machines is about crore per year, and the value of machines in use is about crore, and most of them are imported. Industry insiders believe that the two devices were basically abandoned by EU countries due to their low efficiency

"in order to avoid tariffs, machines imported from China also pass through Malaysian routes." An industry source who declined to be named said

"my business has been hit hard in the past two years. Most of the machinery that some of my customers choose to use now is imported from the European Union, which has reduced my sales by 40%. At the same time, due to the delay in payment, not only the operating costs have increased, but also the plan to expand plant space has been blocked." A local small machinery manufacturer said

in the whole plastic machinery industry, injection molding machines account for about 60%, extrusion machinery and equipment account for nearly% of all aviation and aerospace flights are chemically driven, and the rest are blow molding and other machinery. As India mainly imports injection molding machines, the impact on manufacturers is huge

in terms of exports, Africa (especially Nigeria) is the main market for Indian machine manufacturers. However, the economic recession and political instability in some African countries have also had a great impact on orders. At the same time, the delay of goods leads to the delay of payment for goods, which in turn increases the operating cost

in the first two years, the growth of machinery manufacturing industry reached 18%-22%. "From 2012 to 2013, the growth basically stagnated. This year, we expect the growth to be negative." Balgi said

compared with the situation faced by domestic plastic machinery manufacturers in India, China's machinery manufacturers seem to be "lucky". Since last November, China's plastic machinery industry has shown a downward trend, with a certain degree of decline in both imports and exports. The endogenous shortage of the domestic market and the substitution of domestic products for imported products have also become important reasons for the reduction of imports

China's economic slowdown and insufficient domestic demand led to a decline in imports, which was caused by the adjustment of the past economic structure. At present, this trend will continue. Nowadays, the demand for plastic machines in the domestic market is also largely provided by local equipment manufacturers, which has changed the past dependence on imported high-end imported equipment. Although the economic situation has released a positive signal that China has made substantial progress in the optimization of industrial structure since this year, the proportion of imported products will continue to decline after communicating with importers. With the improvement of the quality and technical level of domestic equipment, domestic machinery manufacturers continue to expand the overseas market, and it is believed that the data on the export of domestic machinery will be improved.

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