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The overall parameters of sqz1000k truck mounted crane

sqz1000k is the truck mounted crane newly developed and designed by XCMG, so it can be used as multiple groups of experimental cranes in one day. It is the product with the largest lifting torque among all truck mounted cranes of the company at present. Compared with previous products, this product has made breakthroughs in many places

overall parameters: the maximum lifting torque of sqz1000k is 1000KN m, the maximum lifting weight is 25t, the maximum working range is 19.65m, and the lifting height can reach 22m. The lifting capacity and working range have been greatly improved. The performance of these models is the highest in the market

the boom is designed with eight telescopic arms for the first time, which effectively improves the working range; The section of the arm is octagonal, which greatly increases the strength, and can effectively control the lateral shaking of the arm to ensure the safety of operation; The product adopts high-strength steel plate to increase the structural strength and safety factor

double rotary reducer is adopted for slewing, which makes the slewing action more stable and the braking effect better

the outrigger has a mature turnover mechanism, which can realize the automatic turnover of the vertical outrigger

in addition, sqz1000k is also equipped with a remote control, which is convenient to use and saves resources. Users can operate the crane

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