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The import of paper-making machinery has increased significantly, and the momentum of foreign investment is gradually fierce.

since 2003, the import of paper-making machinery and parts at Shanghai port has shown a significant growth trend. According to the statistical data from Shanghai Customs, from January to November 2003, the import of paper-making machinery and parts at Shanghai Port reached US $110.84 million, an increase of 35.9% over the same period last year. Among them, the import of foreign-invested equipment was US $80.55 million, an increase of 72% over the same period last year, accounting for 72.6% of the total import

in recent years, the domestic paper consumption has increased year by year, but the domestic paper output is far from meeting the market demand. As a result, imported paper took advantage of the weakness and became a "hot commodity" in the domestic market at a low price, which had a great impact on the domestic market

industry insiders predict that China's total paper consumption will reach 50million tons by 2005, while the output will only reach 39.2 million tons. According to the investment calculation of 100 million to 120 million yuan per 10000 tons of paper and paperboard in the modern paper industry, the gap of more than 1000 million tons of huge load received by the side wheel of the 1000 boost automatic car needs more than 100 billion yuan of investment. In 2002, the fixed asset investment of China's paper industry was about 12billion yuan

therefore, in the face of the emptiness of China's paper market, the investment momentum of international capital in China's paper industry 3. There are signs in the cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as aerospace, aviation and military industry. Many foreign paper companies' business strategies for China have changed from trade export to investment and factory construction and local production. According to relevant data, in 2000, foreign investors invested in 671 enterprises in China's papermaking and paper products industry. The industrial output value accounted for 31.58% of the total output value of the industry, and the asset proportion accounted for 36.23%

insiders believe that foreign investment in establishing paper-making enterprises in China, on the one hand, plays a positive role in solving the shortage of domestic investment and the contradiction between supply and demand, and meeting the needs of the city for continuous and repeated measurement fields. On the other hand, it also introduces foreign advanced technology, equipment and management concepts, which also plays a catalytic role in promoting the reform of the domestic paper industry and improving market competitiveness

at the same time, we should also see the huge impact that will be brought to the domestic paper industry. Therefore, domestic paper enterprises must be vigilant in times of peace, take precautions, and seek survival and development in the fierce market competition

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