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General preventive measures for roof fall accidents

(1) the support method should be adapted to the lithology of the roof, and different support methods should be adopted for the roof with different lithology. For example, the rigid roof can adopt point columns, while the soft and fragile roof should be reasonably designed with sheds, with backboards inserted on the beams and bamboo fences on the back

(2) support in time after coal mining. After the shearer cuts coal, due to the limitation of the curvature of the conveyor, it can't hit the basic column in time within a certain range, and the hanging surface of the roof will be large. Therefore, it is generally necessary to use the method of hanging metal beams in advance or hitting temporary pillars for timely support to prevent local roof fall

(3) take effective measures when moving the conveyor as a whole. The roof with a large area cannot be supported by pillars. For the comparison of roof collapse prone, we can find a new power broken roof through the innovation of basic industries. Corresponding measures must be taken, such as moving the conveyor, returning the temporary pillar while supporting the basic pillar while supporting the rapid support and return of the pillar

(4) there should be special supports at the upper and lower exits of the working face. The upper and lower outlets of the working face have large empty roof area and long exposure time. Under the action of advance support pressure, the roof subsidence is large. In addition, when the head and tail equipment move, the pillars are repeatedly supported and removed, and the top plate is easy to break. Therefore, it is generally necessary to add a shed or wooden crib within the upper and lower exits

(5) prevent shooting collapse of Yangtze River. First, the arrangement of blast holes must be reasonable and the charge quantity must be appropriate; Second, the support quality must be qualified, firm and strong, and cannot be hit on the floating coal and gangue; The third is to set aside the gun path. If the number of blasting staff is reduced from 130000 to 80000, the collapsed columns must be erected in time, and no empty roof is allowed

(6) adhere to regular circular operation. The regular circulation operation stipulates that the daily progress of the working face, the distance between the top control and the processes such as pillars and column return are carried out in sequence. Therefore, the roof has small exposed area and low pressure, and the pillars are not easy to break, so as to control the roof

(7) adhere to the necessary system. For example, the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top, the system of accepting the support, the post system, the metal pillar inspection system, the roof analysis system and the shift system can prevent the occurrence of roof fall accidents by preventing carelessness

(8) adopt the correct operation method of column return to prevent the roof pressure from concentrating on the pillars of this series of experimental machines, which are compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in quality, and have the functions of discharging oil smoke, odor pollution and cooling, causing local roof crushing and difficulties in column return. Strictly implement the operation procedures and operation procedures, and prohibit illegal operations

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