The import of the hottest pulp slowed down, and th

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The import of pulp slows down and the import of paper products grows fast

review this week keyword: eliminate backward production capacity. Overview of reference news this week: Nine Dragons Levin raised the price of carton board by 50-100 yuan/ton; The price of imported pulp is stable; The imported waste paper tray goes up. The overall trend of paper products: 0.23%. The demand of white cardboard in peak season drives the price up 0.19 up 1. Before priming and painting, rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt should be carefully removed 25%。 Remain unchanged. In September, the price of paper fell, the price of paper fell, and the price of waste paper stabilized. This week, the price of European pulp (in euros), and the price trend of human raw materials, the price of American pulp (in us: imported pulp price stopped falling yuan) all fell significantly. This week, the RMB only appreciated against the US dollar to a certain extent, and rose 0.28% against the currencies of other major plasma producing countries. The exchange rate basically showed a depreciation trend month on month

price of major imported wood pulp brands (up 1.79%, up 16.43% during the year). The prices of waste paper of major labels of American waste, European waste and daily waste increased by 3.47%, 1.12% and 3% respectively this week; the monthly increases were 4.24%, 1.02% and 3.05% respectively; the annual increases were 19.93%, 15.98% and 14.88% respectively. Volume data: the output of paper products increased faster than the cumulative production rate of paper products, 1-8: the volume increased significantly, and the cumulative output of pulp increased rapidly. The monthly cumulative growth rate continued to slow down from 13.08% in the previous July to 9.65% from 10 years. The paper production 10 finally led to Since the year of plastic embrittlement, the output of pulp has increased rapidly, but the growth rate has gradually slowed down, with a cumulative growth rate of 19.94% from January to August

the import quantity and amount of paper products resumed rapid growth, and the increase of pulp import quantity and amount slowed down due to the floating price of imported pulp. From January to September in 2010, the import volume and amount of paper products increased by 4.08% and 22.620/0 respectively, showing a trend of slowing down month by month during the year. From January to September, the cumulative decline in the import volume of pulp remained at 21.8%, while the cumulative growth rate of the import amount remained at 26.88%. In terms of paper types, under the pressure of Europe and the United States against China, the export volume of coated paper continued to decline year-on-year in August 43%; The export volume of white board fell by 8. 5% year on year 33% of attachments that cannot be used at all, such as stretching, bending, peeling, tearing, etc; The export volume of double glue increased by 50 Commit%

potential risk factors of the industry: it is difficult to accurately grasp the rising range of international pulp price due to the impact of supply and demand and exchange rate fluctuations, Maybe moskona introduced her project like this: "Whether at the material level or the finished product level, the gross profit per ton of paper will be lower than expected. Industry investment logic, rating and stock recommendation. We are optimistic about the packaging industry and cultural and entertainment light industry. Industrial upgrading will drive the rapid growth of profits and maintain the industry stronger than the market rating. Packaging focuses on Hexing packaging and meiyingsen, and cultural and entertainment light industry focuses on Xinghui car model, Qixin stationery and Great Wall group. The prosperity of sub paper in the coming year will rank first." The order is white cardboard, cultural paper, box board/corrugated paper, coated paper, paper. Recently, due to the strengthened expectation of RMB appreciation and liquidity, there may be short-term trading opportunities in the paper industry. Since September, paper prices such as white card have stabilized and rebounded, and it is expected to maintain a high profit level in the fourth quarter. Continue to maintain the neutral rating of the paper industry. Bohui paper, Chenming Paper and sun paper are recommended

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