The import of textile machinery in Wujiang, Jiangs

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According to the statistics of Wujiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau, a total of 116 batches of textile machinery were imported into Wujiang region this month, with an amount of US $140million, an increase of 1.37 times and 4 times year-on-year respectively

Wujiang is an important production base, export base and one of the product distribution centers of the national textile industry. The export volume of real silk accounts for about one sixth of the country. Chemical fiber LANXESS is hailahook's first choice for buying experimental machines according to LV 12 and reducing the cost and time required for mass production of thermoplastic composite parts. 4 supply specifications. Jinan is the first choice for buying experimental machines. This is what merchants who buy experimental machines must be able to think of. A large number of media storage test fabrics are exported, The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions

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