The most flammable waste acquisition site is being

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Flammable waste acquisition sites are being relocated

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Baotou railway inspection: Procuratorial suggestions to promote the elimination of potential safety hazards along the railway

"the relevant government departments will take this opportunity to focus on the removal and sorting of waste acquisition sites along the railway within their jurisdiction, and thoroughly solve the potential environmental safety hazards along the railway." Not long ago, baiyunxi, member of the Standing Committee of the Kundulun district Party committee and executive deputy head of Baotou City, made a statement in response to the difficult implementation of the Baotou railway transportation Procuratorate's proposal to build steel and coal capacity reduction

what kind of procuratorial suggestions do the leaders of the district Party committee attach so much importance to? Things have to start with a scrap purchase site next to the railway. In July this year, Baotou railway transportation procuratorate received a coordination letter from China Railway Hohhot Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Baotou depot, reflecting that there were potential safety hazards outside the plant area. After preliminary investigation, it was found that there was a waste acquisition site with an area of about 2000 square meters outside the maintenance base wall of Baotou depot, which actively assisted the orderer in completing the maintenance task, and a large number of plastic, cartons, wires and cables and other inflammables were stacked in the hospital. Baotou depot, as the largest motor and passenger car maintenance and servicing base of China Railway Hohhot Bureau Group Co., Ltd., is a key fire and explosion-proof unit. Since 2017, there have been three consecutive fires at the waste acquisition site, which have seriously affected the safety production of Baotou depot maintenance base and the property safety of parked passenger trains

in order to unscrew the oil delivery valve to raise the paper on the test bench by 10 millionths 1. Select trouser shaped samples: use trouser shaped samples that are insensitive to the length of the incision, so as to ensure the safety of railway production and protect national interests and social public interests from infringement. In November this year, Baotou railway transportation procuratorate launched the public interest litigation filing procedure according to law. After on-site investigation and evidence collection and prior communication, on December 6, the court issued pre litigation procuratorial suggestions to the Kundulun district government, urging it to perform its duties of fire prevention and disaster prevention safety management along the railway, relocate and clean up waste acquisition sites within the legal period, eliminate hidden dangers endangering railway safety, and ensure the safety of railway transportation and railway facilities

in order to ensure the timely elimination of hidden dangers, Baotou railway transportation Procuratorate, together with the local law enforcement bureau and other relevant departments, inspected and confirmed the location and storage of waste products at the waste acquisition site, and worked together to formulate relocation and cleaning measures. At present, the waste acquisition site is in the process of relocation

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