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Guangbao announced that its performance in the third quarter was optimistic about the LED and outdoor lighting industry

Guangbao benefited from the peak season effect in the third quarter, which led to the growth of shipments of major product lines. Coupled with the improvement of the product portfolio, it led to the growth of gross profit margin and profit ratio. The after tax net profit reached 2.64 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), with a quarterly increase of 50%. The net profit per share in a single quarter was 1.14 yuan, a record high in a single quarter in the past two years

Guangbao held a Dharma conference yesterday (30) to announce the results of the third quarter. The revenue is 53.4 billion yuan, with a quarterly decrease of 2% and an annual decrease of 5%. If the transferred camera module business is not included, the quarterly increase is 17% and the annual increase is 5%. Guangbao pointed out that the third quarter mainly benefited from the growth of market demand for cloud computing, LED components and outdoor lighting, storage equipment and AI smart home devices; The internal factors are supply chain management, product portfolio optimization and operation efficiency improvement. The gross profit margin and profit ratio are 15.8% and 6.2% respectively, with annual growth of 3.5% and 3% respectively. Make the products gradually cool down and finalize.

Guangbao has successively disposed of loss making businesses this year, including three subsidiaries of camera module business and portable institutional business group. Although it led to the decline of overall revenue, it increased the overall gross profit margin and led to profit growth

in terms of business groups, the revenue of Guangbao information products department accounts for 62%; Driven by the continuous growth of cloud computing high-end servers, 3. The power management system of word-of-mouth devices, AI smart home devices and consumer electronic power products, and the increase in the market share of keyboard, mouse and other computer peripheral products, the revenue of the overall department increased by 16% in the third quarter. The revenue of the storage department accounts for 18%; Benefiting from the growth of cloud computing and game console related applications, the quarterly increase was 28%

the cumulative revenue of Guangbao in the first three quarters of this year reached 156.6 billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 13% and a revenue ratio of 3.6%; After tax net income in the first three quarters was 5.4 billion yuan, with a earnings per share of 2.34 yuan

looking forward to the fourth quarter, Guangbao is optimistic about cloud computing applications and AI smart home device market demand, invisible led and outdoor lighting and other core businesses. Due to the impact of the Sino US trade war, the economic uncertainty has increased. In addition, Guangbao's first general recycling station classifies and recycles waste plastics. The third quarter is the peak of the whole year, and the revenue in the fourth quarter is expected to decrease

Chen Guangzhong, chief executive of Guangbao technology, pointed out that due to the Sino US trade war, customers have high uncertainty about the terminal market. At present, Guangbao sees that next year, it will optimize the reaction conditions in the process of small and medium-sized trials. The visibility of orders in the first quarter is not high, which involves the client inventory and the progress of terminal market deregulation. On the whole, it treats the operation of this quarter conservatively

facing the increasingly tense situation of the Sino US trade war, Chen Guangzhong stressed that so far, the impact of tariff increase on Guangbao's revenue is less than 2%, and the impact is still in the low single digits (less than 5%) from next year

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