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The outstanding registration accuracy of optical calibration die-cutting machine (Part 1)

there are three main die-cutting technologies: flat die-cutting machine, rotary die-cutting machine and optical calibration die-cutting machine. If you only focus on production, then flat die-cutting machine may be your best choice. However, if you don't print a large number of long version live parts, you may have to spend mold and plate replacement costs, or the first equipment cost, which is about 500000 dollars or more. At the same time, the plate die-cutting machine is also easy to produce a large impression

what about rotary die-cutting machine? Its equipment cost is not very high, and it only accepts coiled materials. Rotary die-cutting machine has poor treatment effect on elastic materials, and its template is relatively expensive, and the cost of changing template is high. Moreover, other die cutting methods have better registration accuracy than it

outstanding cutting and printing registration accuracy

optical calibration die-cutting machine is the best choice for short version live printers, especially those die-cutting products that have high requirements for cutting and printing accuracy. The first cost ranges from $125000 to $200000. Its mold costs very little, and only steel rule die costs hundreds of dollars. This die-cutting machine will be calibrated every time it is imprinted, and the cutting and printing accuracy can reach ± 0.005 inch (0.1 mm). This is the width of two hairs, that is, the accuracy that our consumers expect for different high-quality die-cutting prints. The type difference is like electroluminescent panels and Casino cards

we hope to find a modular system that is easy to reassemble. Can it accept single sheet materials and coiled materials? Can you provide a variety of output components to achieve efficient die cutting? Can you use a variety of molds produced by any manufacturer

the typical optical calibration die-cutting system can be combined with knife mold, yin-yang mold, mini mold and other modules, but among them, the following are worthy of enterprises' attention: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The accumulated order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up, and progressive die and compound die are used together


cutter die is the choice for short version live parts to obtain the highest cost efficiency. Not only is the mold the cheapest, but many factories can use it to change into custom knife molds overnight

if you are setting up a short version die-cutting factory, the optical registration die-cutting machine can greatly reduce the time and cost of changing the version because it can automatically position the die

generally speaking, the knife mold can be used 250000 to 1000 times before it needs to be reground, so enterprises should not only consider the product quality, 000 times in production. Such as (2) environmental protection issues that the public is mainly concerned about in the process of project construction and operation; If it is a long version of live parts that need to be used at least 3million times to grind once, it is necessary to consider the hard tool. When calculating the cost of a mold in its whole life cycle, we should consider the first cost in depth, and ask how many times a mold of a specific brand can be ground and how long it takes to be ground fast. It is estimated that high-quality rigid molds will cost US $30000

the standard Yin Yang mold with lower cost is called mini mold. Its edge cutting quality is the same as that of the hard mold, but the first cost is lower. It can be ground up to 12 times by the technical support project to achieve 750000 to 1000000 times of use

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