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Light diffusion PP plastic is widely used in the non-toxic and shatterproof lighting industry

at present, non-toxic and harmless plastic products have become the goal of many plastic enterprises. At present, Shanghai rizhisheng New Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed light diffusion PP materials for new substrates. As PP material is halogen-free product, it does not produce toxic gas when burning, so it is safer for lighting products in fire danger

on the premise of ensuring the light diffusion effect and light transmittance (85%), compared with PMMA and PC materials on the market, light diffusion PP materials have a density of 0.90 (PC density 1.2, PMMA density 1.19), 100% recyclable and non-toxic (PP is the safest resin material widely used in food containers and other products)

under the background of the current rising concern about global energy shortage, energy conservation is an important problem we face in the future. In the field of lighting, the application of LED light-emitting products is attracting the attention of the world. As a new green light source product, LED is bound to be the trend of future development. The 21st century will enter the era of new lighting sources represented by LED. Compared with incandescent lamps, the biggest driving force for the development of LED bulb lamps is the advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection. The same lighting effect is more than 80% energy-saving than that of traditional light sources

the light diffusion plate is a diffusion layer of the plastic substrate through which the light passes. When encountering the medium (diffusion particles) with different refractive index, the phenomenon of multi angle and multi-directional refraction, reflection and scattering will occur, so that the point light source can achieve the light diffusion effect and provide a more uniform and comfortable light output effect for the lighting fixtures. At present, according to the Research Report of the international society of automotive engineers, the mainstream diffusion plates in the market include PMMA to strengthen the organization and leadership of green packaging in the express industry, such as PC and pet

when the new LED point light source is widely used in the lighting industry, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security still decides to eliminate this kind of composite materials. At the same time, in order to reduce the uncomfortable stimulation of the single point light intensity of the LED light source to the vision, the lighting industry has seen a large number of applications of diffusion plates in lighting products. The traditional material is frosted glass, but this kind of material is fragile and has low light transmittance. The emergence of light diffusion materials not only solves the problem of material fragility, but also improves the light transmittance by more than 20%. Light diffusion materials have been developed rapidly

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