The first branch of Toray plastics in Western Chin

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Toray plastics opened its first branch in Western China in Chengdu on December 23, Toray plastics (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., the first branch established in Western China, which is complementary to the effectiveness of unit construction and the prevention and control of environmental pollution, opened in Xinjin new material industrial functional zone in Chengdu after deducting the R & D and amortization expenses (about 90million euros respectively) and the foreign exchange impact of about 80million euros (minus 4%). Ge Honglin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, met with rijue Zhaoguang, President of Banyi, a representative of Toray Co., Ltd. who led the group's management to Chengdu to attend the opening ceremony

Toray Co., Ltd. business group focuses on the R & D and production of electronic information materials, automotive and aviation materials

Dongli will build energy-saving and environment-friendly advanced materials and products projects in Chengdu Xinjin new materials industrial functional zone, and launch the composite resin project in the first phase

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