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The first 500000 ton building decoration coating plant in Asia was completed

the first 500000 ton building decoration coating plant in Asia was completed

July 3, 2017

[China coating information] on the morning of June 28, the first phase of blue sky dolphin diatom Industrial Park was completed and put into operation in Xiangyin, Hunan Province. The industrial park is the first building decoration coating building materials factory with an annual output of 500000 tons in Asia. The project has a planned area of 1000 mu, a construction area of 310000 square meters, and a total investment of about 3.5 billion yuan. It is reported that after the first phase of the project is put into operation, the annual output value can reach 5billion yuan

the main products of Lantian dolphin phase I project are green building decoration coating materials such as water-based diatom coating and dry powder diatom wall materials. The project investment is 350million yuan, the construction area is 50000 square meters, and the annual production capacity of equipment is 500000 tons. The park has vocational schools, key laboratories, academician workstations, diatom Museum and product exhibition center. The project is a demonstration base of China's diatom industry, a special support project of the national development and Reform Commission, and a key construction project of new industries of the Hunan provincial government

in the context of the relatively sluggish domestic real estate market and the loss of production capacity in various industries, will blue sky dolphins face risks by going against the market and building a giant manufacturing park? Tongbinyuan, chairman of Lantian porpoise green building new materials Co., Ltd., said in an interview that diatom mud, as a new green building material, has a rapid development momentum in recent years. In terms of the current domestic market share of 500 billion yuan, Lantian porpoise's production capacity accounts for only 1% of the domestic market. The State Ministry and local governments have successively issued policies to restrict the production and sales of solvent based coatings and vigorously support the development of water-based coatings. With the public PIR thermal insulation material becoming the headlines in 2017, the public's awareness of environmental protection is strengthened, and the social demand is not only increasing, diatom mud will become the mainstream of building proportional valves and decorative coatings based on traditional industrial hydraulic valves in the future, which has great development potential

Tong binyuan said that Lantian porpoise will focus on the international market in the future. With the promotion of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, Lantian porpoise diatom mud has developed a series of agents in Singapore, Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and the North American market is also ⑥. At present, the collet is being developed after it is reset. Tong binyuan said with a smile: Chinese enterprises should not only be "experts in civil war", but also look outward, "experts in foreign war"

more than 50 experts and scholars, more than 100 media and entrepreneurs from various industries from many universities and scientific research institutions across the country gathered in Xiangyin Lantian porpoise diatom Industrial Park, witnessing the historic moment of transition and innovation in China's environmental protection coating industry. The China Association for the promotion of private science and Technology awarded the plaque of "China diatom new material application scientific research base" to the Lantian porpoise diatom Industrial Park, and the China Association of building decoration materials awarded the plaque of "China diatom industry demonstration base" to the industrial park

at the celebration site, Mr. Tony from Zhilan eco tech diatomite materials Mr. Tony card signed a technical cooperation agreement on diatom health food with Tong binyuan, chairman of blue sky dolphin, and the first diatom health food in China will be on the market. It is reported that the application and R & D prospects of the diatom industry are broad, and the market is huge. In addition to the application of diatomite in environmental protection coatings, diatom board can also replace artificial board and gypsum board with serious formaldehyde pollution. In addition, diatomite health food and diatomite cosmetics are also in the ascendant in the international market in recent years. The annual demand for diatomite food in western countries such as Australia and the United States exceeds US $30million under the pace of developing green buildings nationwide, with a very fast growth rate

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