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The first domestic brominated butyl rubber plant entered the start-up stage

on July 26, Yanshan Petrochemical's 30000 ton/year brominated butyl rubber plant start-up mobilization meeting was held, marking the completion of the main body transformation of the first domestic brominated butyl rubber production plant and entering the start-up stage

it is reported that brominated butadiene has not yet achieved its wide range of practical utilization. The base rubber is made from ordinary butyl rubber through substitution reaction with bromine. Its processing performance, service performance and the product's conversion of friction force or friction torque into electricity (electrical signal) are better than ordinary butyl rubber. It is an irreplaceable raw material for the production of the inner liner of Tubeless Radial Tires for vehicles

with the rapid development of China's tire industry, the consumption of brominated butyl rubber has exceeded that of ordinary butyl rubber. At present, domestic demand is all dependent on imports. Brominated butyl rubber is the trend of butyl rubber development in the future. It is very promising to make efforts to innovate supply and activate consumer demand. To this end, the company successfully developed a 30000 ton/year brominated butyl rubber process package with independent intellectual property rights, and put it into the plant construction. Plastic processing equipment is needed to test their products

it is understood that after the completion of the unit, Yanshan Petrochemical has carried out a nine month transformation of the air stripping system, neutralization system, sol area, bromine plant and other areas of the unit according to the index requirements of some pilot products. At present, the transformation work has been completed, and the first start-up after the transformation is planned to be carried out in early August

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