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Sany's "first pot of gold": recall the past eventful years

Sany's "first pot of gold": recall the past eventful years

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at the beginning of the business, after the failure of selling sheep, making wine and manufacturing glass fiber, he intervened in the field of welding materials, so that Liang Wengen's entrepreneurial team finally found the right way and let Sany walk a smooth path

1986 is a year of prosperity. Through various channels, Liang Wengen obtained a reliable news that the welding material market was in a trend of short supply at that time

this discovery surprised Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo and other four people, which is their specialty. This comparison method is used more. In their entrepreneurial group of four, two of them majored in materials. After a whole day of discussion and negotiation, they unanimously decided to choose special welding materials as a breakthrough

venture capital of 60000 yuan, They are from "But the relatives gathered it up. In order to seize the market opportunity, four young partners ate and lived in the factory. After more than 100 formula adjustments and dozens of process changes, they produced the first product - 105 copper based solder.

after the product was produced, they heard that northeast China needed this welding material. Liang Wengen, 29, took the initiative to go north and went to Liaoning alone from Maotang Township, Lianyuan.

that morning, they failed to pass any test According to the introduction, he directly "broke into" the office of Lu yinting, the director of Lianhuashan metallurgical plant in Huludao City, Liaoning Province, where the smoothness of Liaoning film was mainly achieved by adding a smooth agent, to promote solder products

I have never heard of this material factory, but the bold and sincere words of the young man moved me. "Lu yinting cast a" touchstone "and asked Liang Wengen to supply 200kg 105 solder in May of that year to ensure quality and delivery time

in May, the goods were delivered as scheduled, but the quality did not pass the customs. LV yinting sent Liang Wengen a telegram of "refusing to pay for the goods". The telegram shook Liang Wengen tremendously. However, the return event has made the word "quality" deeply implanted in the hearts of young entrepreneurs

the next day, on a small four-wheel tractor, Liang Wengen tied a cane chair and invited his university teacher professor zhaidengke to Maotang, Lianyuan to help solve the quality problem. Twoorthree months later, 1 in this process, there was a major turnaround in the development of 05 solder. The sampling inspection of various indicators met the national quality requirements, and filled a gap in Hunan Province

In September, Liang Wengen finally received part of the payment from Lu yinting - RMB 9000, which was the first payment received by SANY. As the first person to buy Sany products and pay the first payment for Sany, Lu yinting said, "Liang Wengen is a trustworthy person and sany is a trustworthy enterprise."

this 9000 yuan loan is the first pot of gold dug by young entrepreneurs such as Liang Wengen

without any special background and resources, Sany entrepreneurial team obtained the most primitive capital accumulation with its inborn market pedigree, which laid a solid foundation for the formation of Sany's corporate values such as "everything for customers" and "quality changes the world" and its full entry into the field of construction machinery manufacturing

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